IOM in the North Pacific at a Glance

IOM established its first office in the region in Majuro in May 2009. The opening of the sub-regional Head Office in Pohnpei followed a few months later. The FSM has been a member state since December 2011 and the RMI acceded to membership on 26 November, 2013.



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Disaster, Mitigation, Relief and Reconstruction Program

Funded by: USAID

The Objective of the DMRRP is to operationally support the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in meeting their U.S. Federal obligations under the amended Compacts of Free Association with the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) and the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI); specifically in the areas of disaster mitigation, relief and reconstruction.

Under the Disaster, Mitigation, Relief and Reconstruction Program, the following deliverables have been achieved: 

  • Establishment of a program presence in Pohnpei (Head Office), with sub-offices in Yap State (FSM) and Majuro (RMI).
  • Establishment of humanitarian relief logistics bases in  three strategic locations for the pre-positioning of emergency relief supplies.
  • Establishment of agreements with local partners (e.g. Utility Companies) for the ongoing maintenance of the pre-positioned supplies.
  • Establishment of local, regional and international stand-by service agreements for logistics, medical response teams, medical evacuations and reconstruction of residential housing and public infrastructure.
  • Development of mechanisms for the delivery of emergency relief and reconstruction supplies to  islands throughout the region.
  • Implementation of hazard, vulnerability and capacity mapping with several outer island communities in collaboration with national governments, and regional organization.
  • Outer island multi-sectoral assessments for the collection of information for contingency planning and establishment of baseline data.
  • Engagement of the Micronesian Red Cross Society, Marshall Islands NGO’s (MICNGO’s) and local    non-governmental organizations for ensuring coordinated disaster assistance.
  • Coordination with UN agencies and the IFRC regarding modalities for delivery of humanitarian relief following a declared disaster. 
  • Consultation with local and national governments on the housing designs prepared by IOM.
  • Compilation of data on critical infrastructure and construction capabilities in the islands
  • Participation and assistance in coordinating briefings and workshops pertinent to the program objectives, including tabletop exercises.


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