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IOM established its first office in the region in Majuro in May 2009. The opening of the sub-regional Head Office in Pohnpei followed a few months later. The FSM has been a member state since December 2011 and the RMI acceded to membership on 26 November, 2013.



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RMI Government Relief Initiatives Supported by Air, Sea, International Partnerships


For immediate release - 7/18/13

RMI Government Relief Initiatives Supported by Air, Sea, International Partnerships

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) has chartered locally-based sea vessel Indies Trader to deliver food assistance provided by the Government of` the Republic of Marshall Islands (RMI), the U.S. Government through the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Japan International Cooperation Agency to communities in the northern atolls affected by severe drought.

Phase two of the sea bridge, which runs July 17-31, is expected to deliver more than 30 metric tons (66,000 pounds) of food, consolidated and shipped out of the IOM warehouse, to Ujae, Lae, Lib, Mejatto, Namu and Ebadon.  The initial phase began on July 4and was able to deliver 32 metric tons (70,500 pounds) of relief food rations provided by USAID to Mejit, Wotje, Ailuk, Likiep, and Maloelap. 

In coordination with Air Marshall Islands, RMI Government entities including the Marshalls Water and Sewage Company (MWSC), and the U.S. Government, IOM also arranged for an air bridge on July 4. 

The Air Marshall Islands aircraft delivered 1,400 pounds of food supply to affected communities.  The transport also brought  a U.S. Government food and agriculture expert, a member of the civil society group Women United in the Marshall Islands (WUTMI) and a water security assessment team from RMI that conducted water security assessments at Wotho, Namu, and Ujae.

Additional food delivery, and water security assessments based on MWSC-defined priority atolls, including Maloelap, Wotje, Ailuk, Likiep, Mejit, Aur, Mejatto, and Lae, have since been completed.  Additional flights will be scheduled if needed to assure water security for priority atolls.


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